Know the Company

Allow us to introduce our family firm of structural engineering "G2 Consulting Group, Inc."

I and my father Robert T. Garcia, who joined the company in 2003, we have worked on numerous challenging and innovative projects, including high rises, condominiums, residential and commercial buildings, maritime jobs, concrete restoration projects, church structures, parking garages, additions, alterations and remodeling.

We also provide all threshold inspections for the structures we design.

Both my father and I have extensive experience in the area of structural design as well as a strong commitment to excellence.

We are passionate about the field of structural engineering and approach every project as an opportunity to apply the latest in technological expertise to the design at hand.

During the past seven years, we have had the opportunity work for prominent architectural firms and architects, including:

- Ramon Pacheco & Associates
- Barry Sugerman & Associates
- Behar Font & Associates
- Miguel Font Architects Inc.
- SalazarArchitectural Group
- A.Taquechel Associates
- Inc. and Carlos Figueroa, A.I.A.

We are also certified to work on structural projects for the Miami Dade County government and the Miami-Dade County Public Schools. We would welcome the prospect of adding to you to the esteemed group of architects to whom we provide services.

We believe in establishing a mutually rewarding professional relationship.

Please feel free to contact us should you need any additional information.


Ernesto J. Garcia, B.S.
Robert T. Garcia, P.E.

phone +1 786-294-0032

phone +1 305-401-9154


9725 S.W. 4th Terr
Miami, Florida 33174